Are mosquitos a significant part of any food chain/web?



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    There are actually many predators of the mosquito. Dragonflies and water beetles, for instance, consume large amounts of mosquitoes, greatly affecting the mosquito population. Mosquitofish eat mosquito larvae, consuming up to 50 in one half of an hour and nearly 168 in eight hours. Bats also consume a significant amount of mosquitoes and other insects, eating between 600 to 1,000 in just one hour. Additionally, mosquitoes are predators of a number of birds.

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    Yes. Mosquito larvae is an important component in the diet of various species of fish and frogs. Some insects that are actually midges are commonly called mosquitos, and these survive off nectar and pollen, helping plants to reproduce along the way. Without the pollination assistance provided by mosquitos, certain species might have trouble continuing to survive in a particular region, therefore affecting all animals that consume that plant.

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