Are more schools doing away with cafeteria trays to save water?



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    Some schools are going even farther and using compostable trays and utensils, so that their lunch waste can be composted.  However, many schools now use disposable trays, instead of the reusable, washable trays.  Those schools may decide to actually go back to the reusable trays to reduce waste.  Here is some information on school recycling and school composting.

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    Yes, using plastic trays that can be re-used is WAY greener than compost-able cardboard trays. The idea to switch from renewable to disposable to begin with seems like a horrible move, not sure what school was the mastermind of that. 

    and YES, more school are going tray-less! in fact my school, Loyola Chicago did it.  I was one of the people who made it happen.  Students complained, but the school saved so much money they didnt care! 

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