Are more people riding their bike to work because of the green movement?



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    People have different reason to bike commute, but some people definitely do it for the environment. The green movement has helped create the bike lanes and routes that make bike commuting more accessible and convenient.

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    I read in the most recent (March 2011) Lucky magazine issue that the amount of bicyclists has increased 58 percent in the city (according to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition). San Francisco is a pretty green city, and I imagine the green movement has had a lot to do with the increase in cyclists.  

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    There are various reasons for bike commuting, but the green movement definitely is one of the reasons this shift is occurring. Places such as Austin, San Francisco and even foreign places such as Copenhagen have become a part of this green movement, using bicycles rather than vehicles.

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    Even more importantly, the green movement is providing the support to bikers to make it safe and convenient, allowing more people to bike. Take New York City, for example. Bikes have long been used for carrying messages and delivering food. However, the practice was too dangerous for the average commuter. As New York City takes steps to make biking safer, people who wouldn’t have previously biked now can bike not only because it’s environmentally friendly, but also for convenience: to avoid traffic congestion, because it’s cost effective, and for exercise.

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