Are more people killed by lions or by great white sharks every year?



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    The articles I found show that many more people are killed by lions each year than by great white sharks. Lions kill over one hundred people per year just in southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique alone, due in large part to human and lion habitat overlap. Great white sharks, on the other hand, are responsible for two to three non fatal attacks on humans year year, and in the United States, more people are killed by dogs every year than have been killed by great whites in the last one hundred years.

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    It appears that killings by both types of animals have been drastically over-hyped. In North America, for example, 21 people have been killed by mountain lions since 1890. They are not known to view humans as prey and tend to avoid contact with humans.

    In regards to sharks, about 10-15 people are killed by them worldwide each year. People, however, kill approximately 100,000,000 sharks annually, causing many types to face extinction.

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