Are more people employed by the fossil fuel industry than any other industry?



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    Some articles suggest that while there are still quite a few people employed by companies that are ‘fossil fuel-related’, the job markets for renewable energy are rapidly and steadily growing.

    In fact, a study at UC Berkeley concluded:

    For all feasible scenarios, the renewables industry consistently generated more jobs per average megaWatt generated in construction, manufacturing and installation, in operations and maintenance and in fuel processing, than the fossil fuel industries. In the scenario assuming most renewable energy comes from biomass burning, this could amount to as many as 240,000 new jobs created by 2020, versus no more than 75,000 new jobs if the country sticks to fossil fuels. Investment in renewables also generates more jobs per dollar invested than does the fossil fuel energy sector.

    Another study, conducted by “The Pew Charitable Trusts“, entitled The CleanEconomy: Repowering Jobs, Businesses and Investments Across America, “revealed  that the number of jobs in America‚Äôs emerging clean energy economy grew nearly two and a half times faster than overall jobs between 1998 and 2007.”

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    I would say that the tourism industry is the largest industry and employs the most people. Think about what encompasses tourism: airline companies, hotels/casinos/lodges, museums, restaurants, and not to forget all the other businesses that are made possible only because of tourism. 

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