Are more people born in India each day or China?



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    It is hard to say for sure exactly how many babies are born per day, as many people in both countries are unable or choose not to register their child, which of course affects any attempt to take a census of daily births.

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    Estimated Births per 1,000 people in 2010
    In india is, 21.34 and China, 12.17.
    However China has revoked it’s one-child policy therefore they could catch up. Other countries to watch are in the African continent, Niger and Ethiopia.

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    According to sources sited below, China sees about 12.17 births per 1,000 people in the population as of 2010, and India sees 21.34 births per 1,000 people. The populations of China and India as of July 2010 were roughly  1,330,141,295 and 1,173,108,018 respectively. We can use this formula to solve for the number of people born per year in each country (x).

    (x / total population) = (birth rate / 1,000 people)

    Using this formula, we can find that 16,187,819.56 babies in China and 25,034,125.1 babies in India are born per year, and by dividing this by the precise number of days in a year (365.242199 according to Google, because why not go all out?) we can find how many of these births occur each day. The final products are:

    China: 44,320.78 babies born/day

    India: 68,541.16 babies born/day


    Population figures also pulled from


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