Are more frequent tornado’s triggered by global warming



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    First of all, Global Warming is a global, systemic phenomenon. A tornado is an isolated event. There’s a difference between weather and climate. We cannot say without a doubt that the extreme weather patterns here in the U.S. over the last year have been caused by global warming. On the other hand, if these patterns continue for a number of years, and various studies are done to find correlations and determine causality, then we can be far more certain that higher tempertures cause a greater incidence of tornadoes. 

    But to answer your question. Yes. Tornadoes, as well as hurricanes, can only occur when there is suffiecient energy in the system to produce them. In the case of hurricanes I believe it’s an ocean surface temperture of 80 degrees F, for tornadoes I’m not so sure. But in any case this is why there are no tornadoes or hurricanes inthe winter. Higher tempertures means more energy in the system, which in turn means more tornadoes and horrible, apocolyptic events. 

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