Are monkeys meat eating animals?



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    Yes.  Most monkeys are herbivores or omnivores, like humans.  Monkeys eat insects, fruit, nuts, and sometimes bird eggs.  Capuchin monkeys, who live on the coasts in tropical regions, eat crabs and other shellfish.  Chimpanzees do eat meat as well.  They often eat other smaller monkeys. 

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    As sap819 mentioned, most monkeys are herbivorous and occasionally rely on insects, small reptiles and eggs for nutrients. 

    However, chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys.  Apes more closely resemble humans and are in general more intelligent than monkeys.  Though apes, like gorillas and orangutans, are also mostly herbivorous, meat makes up about two percent of a chimpanzee’s diet.  They eat insects and some larger animals and have even been observed engaging in cannibalism.  

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