Are monitor lizards dangerous?



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    This question led to me to some of the weirder stories I’ve read this week. Apparently, last week a monitor lizard was found feeding on a human corpse in a sewage plant in Rawang, Malaysia.  Medical examiners have determined that the body was probably there for five to seven days.  The cause of death has not yet been explained, but authorities do not believe the man was actually killed by the lizard.

    A similar incident occurred in 2002, where a Delaware man was found dead in his apartment (from natural causes) being eaten by several large monitor lizards he kept as pets.  Too strange to make up.

    That said, the monitor lizard is a very aggressive and dangerous animal.  They typically use their powerful tails to subdue prey, will eat just about anything, and pack a potentially lethal dose of pathogens in their saliva. Monitor lizards can and do bite humans, and are known to grab and shake. An untreated bite from a monitor lizard risks secondary infection which could be fatal.

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    Yes, Monitor Lizards are dangerous.  Depending on whether it is a Savanna or Nile Monitor, they can grow to five or six feet.  They are considered to be hostile animals and will use their tail to lash out at the slightest provocation.  Aside from having extremely powerful tails, Monitor’s have sharp claws and teeth which they use for defense as well as to eat.  

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