Are modern kangaroos similar to the giant kangaroo?



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    [img_assist|nid=194845|title=Procoptodon On A Stamp|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=72]I am assuming you are referring not to the Giant Kangaroo Rat, which is prevalent in Australia, but rather to the Procoptodon, which was a large kangaroo from the Pleistocene epoch.

    They are similar to modern kangaroos in several respects. Genetically, they are from the same family. They look quite a bit like them as well. Procoptodon was short-faced, but otherwise was remarkably similar to the modern kangaroo.

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    They seem to be similar according to achaeologists’ studies so far.  The two animals generally looked alike but the modern-day kangaroo was smaller in stature when compared to the giant.  The giant kangaroo is thought to have had a face more like that of a koala bear than the kangaroo we picture today. 

    Studies suggest the giant kangaroo stood at 6’5″ tall and weighed around 500 pounds.  They also may have had sharper, thicker teeth than the modern-day kangaroo because they had to eat saltbush, a tougher plant than the grass they eat today.

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