Are modern designed homes easier to make eco friendly?



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    Modern homes can be designed to be eco friendly by using green insulation materials (such as recycled glass), efficient water use design, and the inclusion of solar and wind power to provide off the grid energy.  The majority of a homes environmental impact is through its energy use, so even older homes can be retrofitted for energy efficiency through better insulation and new windows.  The addition alternative energy solutions can also be used for older homes, generally increasing their property value as well.

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    Modern designed homes can be based on eco charretes like reduce urban heat island effect by using green roof,reduce light pollution by using down lighting and occupacy sensors,use of green power,recycled content materials,carbon dio oxide monitors,high efficency ventilation,daylighting techniques and views to outdoors, underfllor air distribution system for interior thermal comfort. All these measures will make these homes eco friendly.

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