Are mineral based cosmetics a good thing?



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    This depends on the ingredients in the cosmetics. Some brands claim to produce mineral makeup but they do not use products that are good for skin. The cosmetic database ( is a great website for cosmetics research to determine levels of carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. In my past research, some researchers claimed that using mineral makeup wasn’t good for your skin. Although coming from natural sources, sometimes a prolonged exposure to mineral makeup affects your respiratory system. Not only that, but mineral cosmetic exposure to the nose and eyes could possibly lead to those tiny mineral fragments traveling to your brain.

    One study says that “nanoparticle translocation to the brain via olfactory nerve endings in the nose has recently been reported [and] the close proximity of the nasal olfactory mucosa to the olfactory bulb may facilitate neuronal uptake” (Nel 625). Another article finds that “to create these types of cosmetics, companies generally formulate their products with synthetic chemicals, which research has shown to be potentially carcinogenic, toxic and non-degradable” (Cannon). This is important to people who wear these cosmetics as it means that the products will harm rather than enhance skin and also additionally harm the environment.

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    Yes, as the previous answer that depends on the company and the ingredients. Mineral makeup is all the rage now as people denote it with being healthy and good to your skin. Many mineral based makeup is 10 to 1,000 smaller than their normally sized counterparts and are more likely to be absorbed through the skin. Take that information as you wish, I guess it depends if the ingredients are “good” or “bad”.  Plus, most mineral based makeup contains the ingredients of “titanum dioxide”, “silica” and “iron”. Check out Skin Deep for more info.

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