Are Method Home Products green?



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    More than most. The products that they sell can be greener then Method, but not sold through the market in containers. I mean that you can make some of these things yourself, or just use a damp rag to dust and the like. Reducing use of packaged goods is the greenest solutions. BUT if you’re buying cleaning products, you can trust Method to be among the greenest.

    Visit this site for some natural alternative ways to clean your crib:

    “If you want to clean up the environment, start with your own. Our cleaning formulas contain biodegradable ingredients derived from natural materials like soy, coconut and palm oils. Our packaging is made from the most readily recyclable materials. Our CO2 emissions from employee commute and travel are offset with carbon credits and the energy used in our manufacturing sites and our office is from renewable energy credits. And our products are never tested on animals. Because we believe guinea pigs should never be used.”

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