Are merry go rounds safe for kids?



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    As long as you supervise them, they should be fine.  There was a scare many years back where a child choked on a merry-go-round (the draw string on the child’s jacket got stuck on the merry-go-round as it spun), but if you’re watching the kids as they play the worst that’s likely to happen is one will slip and skin their knee.

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    As long as the merry-go-round is built up to code, a child should be safe if the machine is used properly. Small children would benefit from adult supervision or even better, if an adult controlled the speed of rotation.

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    I’m not sure if you mean carousels (traditional merry-go-rounds) or the playgrounds merry-go-rounds which children often spin themselvs. Of the former, many merry-go-rounds now come with seat belts for children. If you’re worried about your child falling, the attendant will usually let you stand with your child. Also, there are usually seats that are attached to the floor, and consequently don’t move.


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