Are meadows a fragile ecosystem?



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    Any ecosystem can be weakend by certain pressures such as drought, flooding, human activity and loss of biodiveristy.  A study of 6 different types of meadows reflected the change in both plant and animal life as drought affected the growth throughout the meadows.

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    Another factor contributing to the weakening ecosystems of meadows is the decline in numbers and diminishing diversity of insect populations, which serve as pollinators–butterflies being a prime example. When pollinating species are absent, the reproduction of plants is affected which, in turn, affects the biodiversity of the ecosystem. I suppose the question could be begged: which comes first, the disappearance of plant species due to lack of pollinating insects, or the disappearance of insects due to the changing vegetation? Either way, in addition to animal and plant life, insect life is vital to a meadow’s health.

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