Are mattresses recycled?



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    Generally municipal recycling centers will not accept old mattresses due the variety of materials that make up a mattress and for hygenic purposes.  But private companies and non-profit organizations have formed mattress recycling centers.  The Lane County as lead one of the most successful mattress recycling initiative through the DR3 (Divert Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) plan.  Various other companies have taken on other programs to help recycle old mattresses.

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    Mattresses can be recycled, though many are not. In many landfills, around 300 mattresses may arrive to be dumped per day. Mattresses don’t decompose easily, and will remain there for a very long time. 

    Since mattresses are made to not come apart easily, recycling them can be expensive and difficult to do. Most charities will not accept mattresses from the public. About 90 percent of a mattress CAN be recycled though, and it just takes a little more looking around to find a place that will recycle them, or parts of them.

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