Are the materials used to make solar panels expensive?



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    Normally, yes.  Industrial models often include lots of silicon and require quite a bit of energy and money to manufacture.  However, DIY models often include cheaper substitutes and can sometimes be used as effective and economical consumer alternatives to industrial model solar panels.  Here is a materials list for one such DIY solar panel: 

    • A sheet of copper flashing from the hardware store. This normally costs about $5.00 per square foot. We will need about half a square foot. 
    • Two alligator clip leads. 
    • A sensitive micro-ammeter that can read currents between 10 and 50 microamperes. Radio Shack sells small LCD multimeters that will do, but I used a small surplus meter with a needle. 
    • An electric stove. My kitchen stove is gas, so I bought a small one-burner electric hotplate for about $25. The little 700 watt burners probably won’t work — mine is 1100 watts, so the burner gets red hot. 
    • A large clear plastic bottle off of which you can cut the top. I used a 2 liter spring water bottle. A large mouth glass jar will also work. 
    • Table salt. We will want a couple tablespoons of salt. 
    • Tap water. 
    • Sand paper or a wire brush on an electric drill. 
    • Sheet metal shears for cutting the copper sheet. 
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