Are the materials used to make bikes not eco-friendly



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    To some extent yes, but it’s sorta like a lesser of two evils question. All the stuff that goes into making a bike (plastic for shielding break lines, reflectors, pedals;   and metal for the frame;  and rubber for the tires) is going to be found on a car as well. And these items are all somewhat eco-unfriendly… unfortunately… there is no way to make a bike or a car without some energy input (mining/ forging of metals and manufacturing of tires). So the answer is yes, but do not forget how much one can accomplish with a bike in the way of quick, clean and fun transportation! 

    I did some research and found a site claiming to sell only green bike maintenance parts: they offer links to three bike manufactures that sell complete bikes which are supposedly “green”:

    the second link is one of those 


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