Are marlin or sword fish bigger?



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    Marlin of any type are larger than swordfish, on average.

    The largest swordfish caught in the Atlantic was 1210lbs, while the largest marlin in the Atlantic measured 1402lb.  However, there are much larger catches on record elsewhere for marlin – up to a whopping 4500 pounds! (However, the sport fishing recording is about 1,800 lbs.)


    One similarity that both fish have is that they are sexually dimorphic; the females grow significantly larger than the males of both species.

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    Marlins are typically bigger than swordfish. They average 11ft in length and weigh 200-400lbs. Females are larger than males and can get up 14ft long and weigh almost 2000lbs. Swordfish, although they can reach 14ft in length and weigh 1400lbs, are between 4 and 6ft for commercial purposes. 

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