Are marathons bad for your body?



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    Marathons aren’t bad for your body as long as you do the proper training leading up to running it. Start with short, easy runs, and work your way up slowly to longer distances to avoid injuries. In general, running can lengthen your lifespan as it is increases the efficiency of your heart and lungs.

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    If you don’t train properly.  It’s important to know how to pace yourself and make sure that you are conditioned well enough to run a marathon.  It’s a lot of work, so take some time to prepare yourself!  If you do, they’re great.

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    Some people have such a physique that marathons do not harm their bodies and more than likely greatly improve their health. However, many folks are just not built for that kind of pressure on their joints, muscles, and skeletal system. It’s ok if you are one of these people. For example, my family is very athletic, but due to weaker knee joints from generation to generation, it’s probably not a good idea for us to run marathons. It’s ok because we can still bicycle and swim, etc. Just listen to your own body. If your joints hurt terribly after running 36 miles, don’t be surprised. Maybe run only a few miles next time, then take a swim and a bike ride and hula hoop, or whatever else you like to do that doesn’t harm your specific bodily makeup.

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