Are Manatee’s endangered?



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    Yes, mamatees are endangered. The West Indian manatee can be found in Florida during the winter and as far North as Massachusetts in the summer. They are slow-moving animals that live in the shallow waters of canals, saltwater bays, and slow-moving rivers. They are endangered because of collisions with boats, ingesting fishing hooks and litter, and being trapped in crab nets. They have a long lifespan, but they reproduce at a low rate. The Florida Manatee Recovery plan was designed to help increase the manatee population and remove them from the endangered species list.

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    To add on to what shaydeeavery has said, the reasons for Manatees’ endangerment are human-induced. 26% of manatees’ deaths are caused by boat accidents and manatees’ are harmed quite often due to poaching.

    Since humans are the main cause for the manatees’ dying out, it should be our responsibility to save them.

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