Are male peacocks prayed upon by predators more because of their lack of colors?



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    Actually, the male peacocks are the ones with the amazing feathers and colors.  The female peacocks are the ones that are less colorful when comparing both sexes side-by-side.  The females will judge the males based on their tail feathers and compare one to another in order to choose a mate.  The males will use their tails for mating rituals and displays of how valuable and special they are compared to the next.  Although there isn’t much distinction between the colors that are seen in the feathers of different peacocks, the female will find something in a particular male that sparks her interest and they become a match.  Surprisingly, one male can have several different females that will each produce between three and five eggs each.

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    Addressing your question on which gender (peacock or peahen) is preyed upon most, it could be that the male is preyed upon most due to the fact that he has this large cumbersome tail which may make it more difficult to escape a predator.

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