Are magazines moving to online versions as well (as many newspapers have done) in an effort to be greener?



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    In recent years, magazines have become available to read digitally for several reasons including to keep up with the rest of the world’s transition to computers, Internet, etc. However, magazines and books alike have made the move to digital files for other reasons such as the widespread availability of electronic print and environmental factors like amount of energy used to read print vs. electronic publications. 

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    Yes, they are!  Many magazine websites give you the option to subscribe to the print and/or online version.  To draw people to their websites they are now offering more and more articles online that are not published in the print copy of the magazine.  

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    I think that there are two answers to this questions. While reading magazines online is more environmentally friendly, I think that many people are drawn to it more for the convenience factor. It’s really nice being able to have everything available to you online, rather than having to carry around a bunch of magazines. Online publications have the added benefit of being better for the environment, making them that much more popular!

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