Are macaws dangerous?



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    I suppose they are as likely to bite as any other parrots, but no, macaws do not pose any significant threat.

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    Macaws have very large beaks and very shrill, loud squaks. They can be dangerous and agressive, but it is unlikely a macaw could seriously injure or kill a person. A reason macaws can become agressive has to do with the fact they are flock animals. Macaws prefer to form strong ties with a small family circle and outsiders, whether other birds or people, are not welcome. Macaws cannot be handled by people they do not know, because of this flock mentality. Macaws need to trust people to be in contact with them. The Macaw has a very large beak which makes most people uneasy. Their beaks exert a lot of force, but their beak is also used affectionately. When a macaw is with its mate they will touch beaks intimately to express tenderness and bonding. The beak is also used as a third foot to gain balance on unsteady surfaces and defensively to scare away threats. Birds are also known to sense fear in humans, so that can contribute to agressive behavior. Of course all of this information pertains to domesticated macaws, which are socialized and require companionship, eye contact, playful interaction, recognition, and prasie. You should never approach a wild macaw, unless you are asking for agressive behavior and a good, hard bite with that large beak. 

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