are lynx going extinct?

are they friendly?



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    Lynx were listed as a threatened species in 2000. Currently, there are about 1,000 lynx in the US. However, labs in Colorado have taken action to help restore the lynx population. By 2005, they had released 200 lynx into the wild and in 2009 10 wild lynx kittens were discovered. Their populations are still in danger, but they are showing some signs of recovery especially since hunting lynx is illegal in the US. 

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    Lynx habitats are threatened by global warming and conservation is a must in places like the lower 48 where their numbers have been drastically altered.  In Alaska, winter trap lines can snare dozens of lynx, and if trappers aren’t careful, over-trapping may be a future problem even there.  Lynx are rather shy but curious.  I’ve come across several and had them watch me from within a few dozen feet because they were interested in why I was there.  As with all wild animals though, don’t approach them.

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    Lynx are certainly on the endagered species list, but hopefully they aren’t going extinct. They’re very rare in the US, but more common in northern Canada and Alaska. I read a great article about the lynx in the Feb. 2011 edition of Smithsonian Magazine. Check it out online or read the hard copy if you can.

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