Are looks important for a green car?



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    Are looks important for ANY car? Why do cars look different from each other? They look different and come out with new models every year to get us to buy new ones when the one we have still works. Consumerism requires a new market — constantly, without it, the company dies. So, do they need to make green cars look a certain way to get us to buy them? We are conditioned to expect certain things from our cars, and they need to tap into the mindset of the consumer when they design the car. It is important that the car look appealing to the buyer, if it’s weird it will only be bought by a fringe element… but if that element is cool, it could work in their favor after a year or two.

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    Looks are always important in any car, or really any product. Flashy cars attract people, and even in the green sector, the more a car appeals to the mainstream, the more popular it will become. The Tesla is a good example of a luxury sports car that is also electric.

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    When Toyota designed the Prius, the made it look very unique on purpose. The idea was that people who purchase a hybrid would want others to know they have a hybrid.

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