Are locusts the same thing as grasshoppers?



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    “Grasshoppers” is more like a general term referring to two different types of insects, the “long-horned” grasshoppers (katydids), and “short-horned” grasshoppers (locusts). In essence, grasshoppers and locusts are the same type of insect. However, a locust is a “changed” grasshopper in a sense that it has different behaviors and coloration.

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    Locusts are a type of short-horned grasshopper. The difference between a locust and the typical grasshopper in your yard is behavioral. Locusts will change from solitary to gregarious phases, which will result in darker or redder coloring as well as the tendency to breed quickly and swarm. They will travel great distances and destroy crops. This behavior is triggered by crowding.

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