Are locusts grasshoppers?



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    Sort of, there is no taxonomic difference between locusts and grasshoppers in terms of species, they are in the same family and closely related. Usually the difference in using those two words occur when talking about swarming, so if there is a swarm of the insects then they are considered locusts, but if you just see an individual insect, it is usually referred to as a grasshopper. What is significant to note is that locusts can fly, grasshoppers cannot. 

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    Technically, locusts are the swarming phase of short-horned grasshoppers of the family Acrididae.  However, what you are thinking of as a “grasshopper” is probably a green grasshopper, which is different from a locust.  Green grasshoppers and brown locusts are part of the same grasshopper family but have several key differences.  The most immediately noticeable differences are that green grasshoppers hop and can make clicking noises by rubbing their legs together while locusts fly.  Most important are the behavioral differences: grasshoppers are generally loners, but while locusts can be loners, they can also enter what is called a “gregarious state.”  When all the foods for locusts dry up, they sometimes swarm together looking for food.  When this happens, entire crops can be destroyed.

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