Are locals allowed to hunt whatever they want in Africa?



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    There are 47 different continental nations in Africa, each with its own set of laws about hunting. There are cases all over the world where indigenous groups are exempt from hunting regulations. This is usually because they tend to take only what they need to sustain themselves and depend on this hunting for food. However, it is not a free-for-all that all locals can hunt what ever they want.

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    No, if they were, elephants would be pretty mush extinct. If all Africans were allowed to hunt whatever they wanted, then the ivory trade would have a constant supply and elephants would quickly disappear. Sadly, to a African person trying to feed their family, an elephant would be worth a lot more dead than alive. Fortunately, hunting elephants for their ivory is outlawed and many elephant poachers have turned over new leaves as park rangers aimed at protecting elephants. Poverty is the biggest issue regarding the degradation of wildlife and the environment. 

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