are lobsters endangered



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    Currently, lobsters are not on the endangered species list. Right now, there are many regulations in place to help prevent overfishing, such as proper size, a limit on the amount caught, and a ban on egg-bearing females. This has a put a on strain on the already compressed fishing boat industry, and plays a role in many local economies on the east coast of the USA. With the regulations in place, the lobster populations seem to be stable.

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    You can find the endangered status of animals a couple ways, one is to consult the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species or the US Fish & Wildlife List of Endangered Species. Very handily, both of them are contained in the Earth’s Endangered Creatures site, where you can search for animals and plants in a snap.

    Searching on “lobster” returns three Crustacean species:

    • Giant Freshwater Crayfish (Giant Tasmanian Lobster)
    • Lobster Claw Crab
    • Redclaw Crayfish (Electric Blue Lobster)

    You may or may not want to call those “lobsters”, it kinda depends on what you meant.

    Sometimes a species is called “endangered” if it is merely endangered in a particular area. So you need to read a little carefully. If you are going to write a research paper, then you need to look very carefully. The reason is a little surprising: Scientists do not always agree whether two very similar animals are two species or one. There can be very hot debates lasting for decades. The upshot is that if “a species” is found in two places, then it might actually be TWO species. And if the animal disappears from one place, and it turns out later that was a different species … then it’s completely gone.

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