Are lobsters being over fished?



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    Seems likely. There are conflicting reports. Some say that only some species or regions are being overfished. This is undoubtedly true. Among all lobster species there are bound to be some that are prized or easier to catch more than others. Even though there are claims like – the inefficiency of the trapping method is a safeguard for overfishing – there are also claims that they are being so overfished that they cannot possibly sustain population levels.

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    According to scientists that work for the Atlanta States Marine Fisheries Commision, the fishing industry is catching too many lobsters the first year that they shed into legal size. A high percentage of those lobsters that are being caught have not even had the chance to properly harvest their eggs. Scientific research has shown that the fishing industry has caused a steady decline in lobster populations since 1990. However, there are counter-arguments that state that the lobster population is currently at a high level (Lobster Conservation, 2011).

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