Are liquid foundations worse than powdered ones?



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    For the most part they are worse for your skin. But as far as for the environment, it is important to find a make up line that is paraben free, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly. Lauren Hutton makes an eco friendly line and there are others such as a line by Sephora and most mineral makeups.

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    Ah, liquid foundations.

    Most people gravitate toward liquid foundations because they often provide better coverage for problem areas and can create a “flawless” look. However, when you are choosing cosmetic products you should always keep in mind the type of skin type you have and the ingredients. These are critical. Even if you aren’t interested in eco-friendly products – always check the ingredients. My skin tends to be very sensitive and almost anything will irritate it or cause breakouts. For example, one ingredient I found to cause irritation to my skin was mineral oil. Since I’ve steered clear of parabens and cosmetic lines like Revlon  I’ve noticed my skin to improve a lot. So I’m not going to say liquid foundations are worse than powdered ones. This comes down to your skin type and the ingredients. Nor am I going to say liquid foundations are worse for the environment than powdered ones. This comes down to the company’s ethics and ingredients.

    I’ve switched from my Revlon foundations (eh, I have no idea why I liked it so much now) to Miessence. Both are liquid foundations, but the latter is made from mostly organic ingredients and good for my skin and the environment.

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