are lion fathers protective of their cubs too?



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    It does not appear so.  Lionesses raise their cubs as part of a pride, with about 8 females having one to two cubs on average each.  While the lionesses will protect and care for one another’s young, it appears the male lions will only fight off other males who try to take over thier pride.  When a lone male or group of males will attempt to take over the pride, they will often kill the existing cubs.  The females will also help to fight off a take over from an outside male, mostly to protect their own young.

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    No not really, but the tolerance of male lion towards their cub varies. Sometimes a male will let the cubs play with his tail or mane, and other times the male will snarl and bat the cubs away. A lioness is very defensive of her cubs and will sometimes try and fight off invading males from killing their young. New males that take over a new pride practice “infanticide”. They kill off all the young from the previous ruler of the pride to remove potential competition and so that the females can come into heat again. 

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