Are linoleums eco friendly?



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    I just researched it and discovered that there are really two very different types of Linoleums: There is the first kind, that came out in the 50’s, and IS eco-friendly (as it is made from all renewable organic materials)… and the second type: which is basically PVC….   “Linoleum as a floor covering has been largely replaced with polyvinyl chloride (yet still colloquially known as “linoleum“), which has similar properties of flexibility and durability[…]” From      

    so they probably do make a specialty product that is green certified organic linoleum, but the type to which you are probably referring is most likely the second type, which is not eco-friendly (PVC is a type of plastic made fossil fuels and it is energy intensive to make and does not biodegrade… it can, however, be recycled, so at least it has that going for it…) 

    Basically the answer is: They used to be, but not anymore.

    And some types are definitely more green than others, as this PVC stuff has somehow been able to disguise itself as true linoleum, although it is actually quite different. See second link for that eco-friendly version. Compared to PVC this stuff wins hands down in an eco-friendliness competition!

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