Are light beers better for the environment?



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    Beer in itself is more environmental friendly that wine. “With beer, water is used in the growing of barley and also in the malting and fermentation of the beer. There isn’t a lot of grain in beer so 100lt ought to do it for a bottle of beer… Add to that the volume in the beer itself. Wine will use 270lt per bottle. Beer is better in terms of use and as well, a lot of grapes are grown under irrigation.”

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    Light beers have fewer calories and less alcohol; and, according to the Beer Advocate, this effect is achieved by adding more water to the beer. Whether they are better for the environment or not depends on who is making them, if it is local or organic, and if you are buying in the bottle or by the keg. Environmentally friendly breweries typically don’t make light beers because they loose the taste and aroma that brewers work so hard to create. So it appears that if you have the choice between drinking a light beer made by one of the big conventional companies or a regular beer made by an environmentally friendly, local brewery, it should be no contest.

    Here are a few ways to green your beer drinking:

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