Are Ligers for real? There’s no way…



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    They sure are. Hard to believe, but a liger is a cat with a lion as a father and tiger as a mom. 

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    The Liger is the largest big cat species.  The offspring of the male lion and female tiger is larger than both parents.  There’s also a Tiglon breed…  

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    As the previous posters mentioned,the Liger is an offspring of a male lion and female tiger.  Tigons/Tiglons/Tigrons, etc. are the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion.  Unlike the Liger, Tigons are often smaller than their parents.  



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    Ligers indeed exist, but so far the only known ones exist in captivity.  This is due to the fact most tigers live in Asia and and that most lions live in Africa.  In addition, it would be difficult if not impossible for the liger to survive in the wild due to it’s massive size.  Hercules, who seems to be the most famous liger, requires about 20 lbs of food a day, about twice the amount of food that a female lion needs to eat to survive.

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