Are the lifestyles of the rich and famous the worst for the environment?



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    While it’s tempting to look at the excesses of wealth and point a finger at rich people for being major causes of global warming, you have to remember that not many people are that rich nor are all of them extravagantly wasteful. It’s actually the smaller-scale wastefulness of the huge middle and lower classes — things like using inefficient cars every day — that are likely contributing more overall to environmental damage. The rich and famous may be able to be wasteful on a larger scale, but we’re all contributing to the damage of the environment.

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    It could be argued that the rich and famous make more of an impact than the average American. The traveling alone of the rich and famous far outnumbers the average amount of travel for any other person. What’s worse, many use private jets or planes to reach their destinations, an enormously horrible way to travel for the environment. In addition, celebrities tend to live in large homes, which are most likely energy inefficient. However, it would be unfair to point a finger at all celebrities. Many use their influence and wealth for environmental philanthropy. Some of the biggest activists and supporters include Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore, Robert Redford, George Clooney, Pearl Jam, and Edward Norton.

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    It depends on how they spend their money. There are a lot of rich and famous people that there that consume too much than they need, like 5 SUV’s, that is horrible for the environment, especially when they are for just one person! Now someone like Leonardo DiCaprio who uses his money environmentally by buying a Prius, helping environmental non profit organizations and Brad Pitt who gives his time and money on helping people build back homes with solar and energy efficiency, that is money well spent!

    It really all depends on the person.

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    I think they do a lot of damage in the way that they present their lifestyles. They make the luxurious life desireable to people who will never be able to achieve that level of wealth, but try to live as close to that way as possible by buying material possessions. This image is doing a lot of damage in this way, even if the individual impacts that celebrities make is less than the aggregate for a population.

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