are life factory bottles good for the environment?



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    Just like any other reusable bottles the Life Factory bottles allow for you to reduce your waste by not having to use plastic bottles. The bottle is used from clear soda lime glass which is wrapped in a silicone sleeve, that is chemical free, is BPA free, the sleeve is plastic free and non-toxic, all materials are FDA approved, reduces likelihood of leaching, is dishwasher safe and has the carrying capacity of 22oz (650ml).

    Talking about this makes me want to go get one!


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    According to the lifefactory website, lifefactory bottles are environmentally friendly. They are BPA-free, meaning they do not contain BPA which is a chemical compound used in a variety of packages including food containers (such as baby bottles) that causes health problems and disease due to interference with the body’s hormonal levels.

    For a more detailed account of what BPA is, how it is used and the health ramifications please read the second link.

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