Are lemurs monkeys?



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    No.  Both lemurs and monkeys are part of the same larger class, primate, but lemurs are prosimian primates which existed before monkeys existed.  In most places, monkeys and prosimians competed so much that prosimians died, but a few species still survive today.  Madagascar supports many prosimian lemur species because there are no monkeys or apes on the island.

    Lemurs are prosimians or Strepsirrhine primates; monkeys are simians or Haplorrhine primates.

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    No, but they are both primates. Primates include 300 species of monkeys, apes, prosimians, and humans. Prosimians are “premonkeys” and include lemurs. Monkeys include howler monkeys, baboons, and marmosets. Apes lack tails and include chimpanzees and orangutans. 


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