Are LEED certified buildings better for you than other buildings?



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    LEED certification has several levels including silver, gold, and platinum. Check out this website for a more thorough introduction to LEED’s certification standards and processes:

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    LEED certified building may have accrued credits that can be beneficial to or less toxic to health however because of the wide variety of credits that can be achieved by LEED it does not guarantee that these credits are necessarily achieved. LEED design strategies that can be used to increase the healthiness of the atmosphere of a building are considered primarily under indoor environmental quality section. Under this section a building can earn points for using low-emitting material, increased ventilation, indoor chemical and pollution source control, thermal comfort, daylighting, and outdoor air delivery monitoring. When these criteria are achieved occupant health will be improved. This however does not mean a non LEED certified building is more toxic to human health because it could have been designed, built and operated to just as high or higher standards for health.

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