Are LED’s starting to become cheap enough for people to start buying them?



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    12V LED spotlights lasting 80,000 to 100,000 hours are available for purchase.  For prices, refer to:


    LED lights are also available on eBay for as low as 3.50.

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    Target offers a entire line of LED lighting available for use in the home.  This is part of their eco-friendly home design intiative and come in an affordable price range.  The store also sells solar powered LED lighting and LED Christmas lights.

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    We have corresponding discount rate from 10%–30% for the order,Our Led lights have 3 years quality warranty . All of our LED Lighting products have passed the CE and ROHS test,Another 5‰ of your order will be offered for free if the quantity is over 1000pcs. New LED gu10 samples will be offered for free in the future after being our old customers, More favourable policies.please contact us or visit our cheap LED lights website( or,The newest catalog with prices are prepared well for you if you send inquire to

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    The CEO of Lighting Science Group (an LED light manufacturer) says he expects the prices to go down within the next twelve to 36 months. Right now people are just buying CFLs because they are inexpensive, especially with all the coupons and deals. However, I think the green movement has been picking up speed and has became more mainstream over the years. So I think that will definately help drive down the prices as more people buy and become aware of LEDs.

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