Are LED’s for sale in most stores now?



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    Good question. Ebay works for me. So far, from the hundreds I’ve already bought, not even one failed. I’ve done a few orders from the first two sellers.

    Good Will Sales (UK, very friendly seller):…rmrsZ1QQ_fromZ

    Amigo of China:…rmrsZ1QQ_fromZ

    Sure electronics:…rmrsZ1QQ_fromZ


    Led Market:…rmrsZ1QQ_fromZ

    When you order leds, it’s common to get the resistors included in the price, normally for 12V. If you need, ask them to replace the resistors for 5V, 7V or even other values (1.5V, 3V, 2.4V, etc). Good Will Sales does this.

    Have fun.

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