Are laser or ink jet printers better for the environmnet? Why?



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    I think this is one of those “it depends” questions.  Of course you could just compare the printers themselves, which uses more electricity or has a better power save function etc.  Comparing the inks, generally ink jets, at least in my experience go through in much faster than toner cartridges for laser printers, so you will be going through more ink.  There are facilities that can recycle all types of ink cartridges, so which ever one you choose, try to recycle that part.  You can also purchase soy based inks, at least for laser toner, which is pretty cool and more sustainable than oil based toner.  Eco-imagaing also purports to offer them at half the price of the traditional oil based inks. 

    I would say, one of the most environmentally friendly functions you could choose for a printer, laser or ink jet, would be a duplexer.  This allows you to print back to back without having to print all the odd pages, figure out how to put them back in the tray and then print all the even ones.  Lastly, there are certain fonts that use less ink, or even select draft printing to make your cartridges last longer before needing more.

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