Are large scale solar projects becoming more popular?



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    It would appear so. Internationally, the solar industry has been growing exponentially in recent years. In fact, photovoltaics (solar power) are considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Spain announced the creation of solar power plant that would provide enough power to supply 5000 households in 2007. Large-scale solar projects are springing up all over Canada, as electric utility companies race to catch up with the requirement of 20% of their power to be produced via solar by 2010.

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    Yes. There are numerous sources pointing to the fast adaptation of large scale solar farms. Governments and private companies both do their part in developing and rising solar power’s energy market share. The US is building several solar farms, possibly the biggest will be in Nevada, generating nearly 100.000 MW of solar power. Japan’s more ambitious plan is to build a solar farm in space, where there are no clouds blocking the sun’s rays. If this project didn’t have enough public backing it wouldn’t even be considered, but it seems like in 2015 Japan plans to begin small scale testing. 

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