Are large cruise ships worse for the environment than container shipping boats?



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    Bilge water, sewage and ballast water, in addition to garbage and other solid waste are raising a lot of concerns to the EPA regarding the operation of cruise ships.  As far as container cargo ships, it has been stated that a single vessel is a polluter equivalent to 2,000 diesel trucks, especially from pumping ballast water over the side.  Due to the large population of passengers aboard cruise ships, and the resultant amount of waste, cruise ships’ environmental impact is arguably of greater concern than that of cargo ships.

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    That is true, however of late cruise ships are being built to be more efficient and appeal to those who are eco friendly. The Oasis of the Seas is the largest and newest cruise liner, but has cut emissions drastically and runs on 25% less power than most.  This looks to be a trend for cruises, so check out the novel approaches being undertaken.

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