Are laptop computers more eco friendly than desk top computers?



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    Laptop computers are more eco-friendly than desktop computers.  Laptops use up to 50% less energy.  Setting your computer to the sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity will also help to save energy and help the environment. 

    If you have a desktop computer and wish to make it more “green”, you may consider replacing your CRT monitor with a new LCD screen. 

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    Yes, desktop computers use more energy than do laptop computers, partially because laptops don’t have separate monitors that need to be powered. While both desktops and laptops have sleep settings, it is also claimed that the sleep setting of a laptop draws less power. However, when assessing the environmental impact of these computers, you have to consider the entire lifespan of a computer. Desktops typically last longer than laptops, and laptops use batteries, which are very harmful e-waste if they wind up not being recycled. Therefore, landfill-wise, laptops aren’t necessarily better.

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    I would argue that laptops are more energy-efficient than desktops because of their compact nature, not to mention that this also means they use less materials to be built. But one other thing that should be considered is the lifespan of laptops versus desktops. I don’t have any statistics on this, but I get the sense that laptops don’t last as long as desktops in terms of batteries versus power supplies. If any parts break down, they’re also harder to replace. So I would say that laptops have the potential to generate more waste if people choose to simply purchase new machines rather than go to the trouble of repairing a broken one.

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