Are landslides the same thing as flash floods?



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    While landslides can lead to flash floods (and vice verca), they are two distinct phenomena.  A landslide is flow of debris or rock downhill, such as an avalanche, a mudslide, or a rockslide.  Landslides are typically caused by erosion of a cliff-face or other slope leading to the loosening of debris.  A flash flood is a rapid deluge of low-lying areas, typically due to a sudden storm or the breaking of a levee.  When flash floods cause erosion, they can trigger landslides.

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    landslides are masses of land falling usually from an unstable hill into a ravine or ocean. flash floods happen when there is a damn breaking or overflowing because of torrential rains. flash floods can trigger landslides and turn into a mudslide, leaving a large path of destruction as much debris such as rocks is carried with the fast moving water. 

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