Are killer whales threatened or endangered?



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    Currently, the Killer Whale is not on the Endangered Species list. However, Killer Whale numbers have declined considerably due to loss of food from over-fishing. Fishing practices can also hurt killer whales when they get caught in nets or boats.

    However, conservation efforts have been difficult because scientists still don’t know much about the practices and migration patters of Killer Whales.

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    Killer whales are not considered an endangered species, currently, but their numbers are declining, which I guess makes them threatened. Human and environmental actions have been causing the whale populations to decline.

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    Killer Whales, or Orcas, are not yet considered “endangered.” However, some local populations are considered threatened or even endangered. The International Union for Conservation of Nature currently assesses the conservation status of the killer whale as “data deficient” because of the likelihood that not all killer whales belong to a single species.

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