Are killer whales endangered?



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    Killer whales or Orca are endangered.  In 2005 they were put on the endangered species list.   They are actually classified as dolphins and are protected under the IWC ban on whaling.  They can weigh as much as 16500 pounds

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    They are not officially endangered but are officially protected from whaling through the moratorium on commercial whaling and regulation through TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring programme of WWF and IUCN.

    It seems only the Southern Resident Killer Whale was listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.


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    Although the population of killer whales has declined over the past few years, they are not considered an endangered species.

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    Killer whales are threatened by human activity including fishing and other industry, but they are not considered by most as endangered. Efforts to raise populations have been made amidst declining but still unknown numbers. 

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    Killer Whales status is Lower risk of being endangered. Their numbers have declined, but they aren’t considered endangered as of yet.

    Some threats to them are pollution in oil spills, whale hunting and loss of natural habitat along with lack of food in some areas because of commercial fishing and seal hunting. 

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