Are killer whales dangerous for humans?



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    Not usually. There is no record of a killer whale killing a human at sea, although there appears to be one case of a killer whale killing a handler at Sea World. They do eat some marine mammals, however. So as long as you don’t put a seal suit on and swim around in the ocean and you’re careful if you work at Sea World, you should be perfectly safe.

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    The majority of the time killer whales are not dangerous to humans, but as any wild animal, killer whales can easily become dangerous to humans with out warning. Humans have been killed by orcas in the past, but these are generally considered freak occurrences. One of the most recent human casualties of an orca attack was at Sea World, when a 12,000 pound orca named Tilikum dragged his trainer, Dawn Brancheau, to the bottom of the pool and thrashed her to death in 2005. Although orca attacks on humans are rare, Tilikum was involved in the deaths of two other people over two decades. Regardless of the infrequency of attacks, people should be aware that any animal that is big and predatory should be considered as dangerous.

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